Environmental awareness, ISO certifications

The EU environmental regulations are one of the strictest environmental rules all around the globe. The regulations were created to protect endangered species and their habitats and to achieve a more effective utilization of natural resources. Following the rules will not only help achieving these goals but the steps taken for realization can result in a more effective operation and an economic growth.

We have been ISO 14001:2005 certified since March 2011 that requires us to recognize the natural effects and their related aspects. The environment-centred controlling system (ECS) within the controlling system itself covers the resources, practice, responsibilities and enterprise constructions necessary for the set up and support of environmental politics. Its set up and maintenance is a constantly improving process based on a series of activities that are regularly repeating but always improved to a higher level that will result in many beneficial effects. It reduces material- and energy usage, contamination, improves waste management, which all can lead to a favourable business market judgement.

Streamnet Zrt. is taking the following efforts for a sustainable and environmental-friendly operation:

  • Our videoconferencing systems can reduce the costs and carbon-dioxide emission caused by traveling. We also use videoconferencing for our meetings whenever we can.
  • We participate in the BTW! Bike to Work campaign every year with great results.
  • We have been limiting our paper usage in the office for the part years with only printing to recycled paper when necessary.
  • We have implemented selective waste collection in the office and ensured its proper dispatch.
  • We are using intelligent controlling systems to reduce our electricity consumption.
  • We strictly monitor our electricity consumption by using only the most necessary electric sources and turning off the lights when not in use.
  • All electric devices not currently in use are being powered down.
  • The CO emission of our company cars is being closely monitored.
  • We rationalize our logistic activities and use combined shipping methods.

Most recent documentation for download:

ISO certificate english PDF