CYEB Kft. is a company dealing with energy efficiency in addition to electricity and gas trading, its 2014 revenue was nearly 8,5 billion HUF.


The energy trading company has decided to expand its office space by leasing additional spaces. The main focus of the project was a representative, exclusive board room that represents the latest trends in both architectural and technological point of view.


  • In the outer turnkey office space we were left at liberty, including interior solutions. A 12-person conference table with a gravel-bed pool was designed, including recessed desktop plugs, with touch-screen controls and built-in tool storage.
  • The curved front wall was equipped with an illuminated acoustic panelling and a writable glass whiteboard. The front wall is a custom-designed, reinforced plaster wall while we chose a profile-less glass wall from the side of the office space, with an oil damped glass door.
  • An 85” (216 cm) 4K, professional, touch-screen display was placed in the central of the front wall. The screen can display image from any of the desktop connectors, videoconferencing image, and image of the built-in PC or up to 4 different sources at the same time.
  • The speakers and the hidden, mood and direct lightings were built into the recessed false ceiling that follows the curves of the table, which can all be controlled with the central touch-screen control panel.
  • The upholstery of the star-foot meeting room chairs perfectly harmonises with the colours of CYEB, thus showing a unified pattern with the company image.