KPMG is one of Hungary’s leading international audit, tax and business consulting companies, that has opened its Budapest office in 1989, first in the Eastern Central European region. The company’s 2014 income was 14 billion HUF with 750 employees currently working in the organization.


In 2014, the company has decided to completely relocate to the newly built office building, Vision Towers in Váci road.


The professional AV design included the following premises of the office building:

External meeting rooms for KPMG’s clients, partners and guests

  • 12 external meeting rooms were designed with professional 55”, ultra-slim, FullHD displays.
  • Apart from the aesthetic, recessed desktop plugs installed into the existing tables, we also integrated a connectivity option for wireless presentation tools.
  • Easy management of the components was ensured with a push-button control panel.

Board room:

  • We created a board room where the foreground projection is done by professional FullHD projectors. For an aesthetic and practical operation the projector is recessed to the false ceiling and is operated by an automatic, motorized projector lift. As a result, the projecting tools and canvases are hidden above the false ceiling level when they are not in use.
  • Due to the size of the room it was equipped with speakers in the false ceiling.
  • The solutions include a recessed desktop connector panel and a wireless presentation tool.
  • The previously delivered videoconferencing system was integrated to the existing A/V technical tools of the board room making this space suitable for virtual meetings as well.
  • The room is controlled by the uniquely programmed touch-screen interface, including the lighting and motorized shading as well.

Conference and presentation rooms:

  • In the conference rooms located on the ground floor we used high-performance, professional projectors to implement the screening, that were also placed on motorized projector lifts hidden in the false ceiling.
  • Presentations are displayed with a wireless presentation tool, controlled from a special podium prepared for KPMG.
  • We provide handheld and clip-on microphones for the presenters, the presentation can be heard from the speakers integrated into the false ceiling.
  • The rooms can be connected during larger events on a fifty-fifty base. In this case, the complex A/V technology is managed by a special multimedia matrix.
  • The A/V control of the rooms can be managed from the easy-to-use control panels fixed in the special podium and on side walls.
  • The side walls were also equipped with professional 65” FullHD displays that can be used either as additional monitors or as Digital Signage interface, according to specific needs.

Digital Signage solutions:

  • In KPMG’s headquarters, Digital Signage solutions were installed in receptions, lobby areas, hallways and in front of elevators with different sized displays, so information or advertisements can be displayed to internal employees and/or guests, with centralised content management.