Provident Financial was founded in 1880 in the United Kingdom. International Personal Finance, the company’s international division provides service for more than 2 million customers in 8 countries. In Hungary, Provident Financial PLC. was founded in 2001. As a result of its successful growth, the company employs 4000 people today and serves its customers in 22 credit points across the country.


Provident Financial PLC. has continued its operation on a new site from May 2015. The company has moved to the southern tower of Vision Towers on Váci road, where 3,500 square meters of office space was used on three floors. The task was the construction of the associated executive offices, meeting rooms, training rooms and the audio-video tools in an executive conference room, so that easy-to-use, aesthetic, modern technological solutions are assisting effective communication.


  • We established 30 executive rooms with integrated displays and developed presentation points.
  • We built up 10 meeting rooms for 4-6 people each with 48” professional displays and installed integrated desktop connection.
  • We established a 10-person meeting room with a videoconferencing system in which we installed displays and desktop connections and configured a dissectible, mobile design.
  • We constructed 2 16-person connecting training rooms with projector capability and integrated a unique, touch-screen intelligent control with special room operating modes (open, separated), the controllable and separable sound system and the desktop connections.
  • We created a 16-person executive meeting room with a 75” professional display. We solved the automatic signal distribution of the room and the unique touch-screen controls, and 3 connections were built into the exclusive table.
  • We installed 6 48” Digital Signage displays and configured the software to achieve centralised content management.
  • We created a complex control room for the monitoring and management of the call centre data as well, that we equipped with 16 48” professional displays that can also tolerate static content. These were installed with false ceiling consoles in a custom layout.
  • Each meeting room was equipped with room occupancy monitors.