PWC Hungary, the domestic headquarters of a multinational organization primarily engaged in auditing and financial advisory has moved its whole Hungarian office to a new environment, Eiffel Palace at 78 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky road in 2014.


During the design and construction of the new office, in addition to the spaces built for the company’s employees, it was an important goal to create a separate location suitable for even large conferences, trainings or lectures. Of course, besides functionality it was extremely important to harmonise the exclusivity of the room with the entire office building.


Conferencing centre:

  • A conference centre was built up on the ground floor of the office building, with great sized presentation halls that can be divided by mobile walls if necessary.
  • When designing the audio and visual technology solutions it was an essential requirement to achieve a safe and specifically high-quality operation during any kind of use.
  • High brightness installation projectors are responsible for the visualization that project to electrically operated canvases recessed into the false ceiling.
  • Outstanding sound quality is achieved by a speaker system built into the false ceiling, linked with wireless microphones and a microphone antenna system due to the large distances. The installed solutions work perfectly in both separated (by mobile walls) and opened versions of the room sections.
  • The system is controlled by a touch-screen control panel, where the users can choose the desired function on a simple graphical interface.
  • Secure operation is also enhanced by the professional signal distribution solution applied in the rooms.

Board room:

  • In the new office we designed an exclusive board room as well, that was equipped with a large wall-mounted professional monitor for display purposes.
  • Due to the large size of the room and to make it easier for participants sitting in distant seats to see the presentation or videoconferencing contents, it was necessary to use additional displays. This task was carried out using a special, glass-inserted conference table where 22” monitors were installed into the body of the table that emerge electronically when the system is switched on. The monitors sink back into the table once the system is turned off.
  • The camera can zoom to any of the participants with a simple press of a button, using the camera control system integrated into the edge of the table.
  • Custom connector surfaces were installed into the glass-inserted table from which the connecting cords can be pulled out and released back after use.
  • In addition to the connectors there is also a cable-free presentation option in the room and it is possible to display multiple presentations at the same time (on split screen).
  • Similar to the conference room, a professional false-ceiling sound system was built out that can be turned on using the touch-screen room control.

Other areas:

  • In addition to the conference section and the board room 22 further small and medium sized meeting rooms were designed that were equipped with large professional displays, desktop plugs and simpler control systems.
  • An information display system was installed in the public areas.
  • At the reception, a video wall welcomes the company’s guests.