Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a rapidly developing and spreading solution that aims for a schedulable, digital way of content sharing (news, ads, price lists, etc.) with either split screen or picture in picture technology.

Digital Signage appeared in Hungary 6-7 years ago and has become part of our everyday lives since then, due to its incredibly diverse fields of use and potentials. From interactive touchscreen displays in shopping centres or screens above receptions displaying current information to large, eye-catching video walls capable of displaying lots of information at the same time. In Western Europe, many catering units also use Digital Signage technology on their screens, which, this way, can display either a menu according to the current time of the day or targeted ads to their guests while simultaneously broadcasting a live programme or other video content with picture-in-picture technology.

The scheduling of the content can be done with a simple timing but intelligent systems can also dynamically change the content according to the incoming information. The incoming information can be the image of the cameras that can determine the sex and approximate age of the people standing in line close to the monitor, or, if we have additional information of the ones in line (account number, phone number, line number) even more customised ads can be streamed for them. You can start a program manually, like during the break of a sports broadcast.

Large corporations typically use Digital Signage technology for informing their guests or employees. It can display PR communication, promote the company or include current information.

Streamnet Zrt.. has more than 5 years of specific experience in Digital Signage technology and integrated systems. Our wide range of products resulting from our cooperation with larger manufacturers and our experience in the field of Digital Signage make it possible for us to successfully adapt to a wide variety of customer needs.