Professional videoconferencing

Videoconferencing became part of everyday life within companies, the development of the videoconferencing systems is heading towards the ever greater user experience, better connectivity and practicability.


Videoconferencing systems are reasonably complex, their integration requires great expertise and extremely detailed planning. Our outstanding engineer crew, years of experience and wide clientele all contribute to our ability to meet these requirements. Our installed videoconferencing systems not only use the newest devices but also satisfy all aesthetic and practical needs and adapt to the customer’s infrastructure, unique needs and habits.

Outstanding visualisation and clear sound are equally important when designing videoconferencing systems. These two together will give us the experience that all participants of the conference are in the same room with us. For this reason, our company tries hard to recognise and successfully implement the newest, innovative tools and accessories in the market as soon as possible. For example, to achieve the perfect sounding we apply quality microphones, special echo-proof coating, professional audio accessories, and the crystal clear visualisation is obtained by multifunctional professional screens that adapt to the size of the room, have great brightness, long operating hours, and are also aesthetic, compelling and space-saving with their slim edge and dimension.


A necessity in successfully using a videoconferencing system is that a user with no previous experience should be able to use the system effectively and exploit all its potentials. To this effect we are using pre-programmed controls that can switch on the whole system with a single button and connect to the other participants with another button. Our self-developed pre-set buttons will allow us to turn the camera on ourselves with a single click.

Our established videoconferencing systems can operate multiple screens and cameras, allowing the users to send their laptop’s or smart phone’s content to one screen, while the rest of the participants or other contents can be seen on the other screens. The size of the displays – as opposed to the integrated systems – can be adjusted to the room size, and can be upgraded to a bigger one later, when prices go lower.

Besides our meeting room systems, a growing demand from users is to be able to connect to a videoconference with their computers or make a simple video call. The bigger manufacturers’ client applications provide an easy-to-use solution to this problem but thanks to the WebRTC protocol we can also connect to a videoconference from a single browser window.

The essential part of a successful conference is good quality and safe telecommunication connection that is achieved by detailed planning and testing in every case so that our clients can experience a carefree, comfortable and stable communication.


Establishing videoconferencing systems for collaboration spaces (huddle rooms):

Today it is more and more important to have some space at a workplace for colleagues working on the same project to be able to sit down and discuss their daily jobs. Compact videoconferencing systems can be the perfect solution for these collaboration spaces and manager rooms. These systems do not require great financial costs and their establishment is significantly less time-consuming than a large meeting room’s. Using the videoconferencing module on a desktop system (laptop, PC) it is possible to make small-scale videoconferences, with an equipped camera and screen. Also, thanks to the cable-free design, connecting is also very easy, comfortable and aesthetic.

Another great advantage of compact systems is that they can even be integrated in a living room as well, making it possible to join remotely into your company’s videoconferences.