Meeting room tools

Videoconferencing tools built into meeting rooms play an elemental part in today’s enterprise communication. These systems are used for multi-partner meetings between premises or regular, interactive contact with customers.

When moving or renewing an office, most companies will pay particular attention to have at least one meeting room equipped with some kind of dedicated, video-capable device. Thanks to the manufacturers’ wide range of tools, either small meeting rooms or the largest board rooms can be equipped with this technology. The communication experience provided by these meeting room tools is as good as personal contact and their regular usage can save a lot of time, money and energy, not to mention the good effect on the environment.

A videoconferencing system can be installed even in the smallest meeting rooms. In these small places we usually recommend equipment that use one camera and one screen, and thanks to their compact design they can easily be installed on top of the screen so they don’t take away valuable space from the small area. However, these devices are capable of handling today’s basic requirement, FullHD (1080p) resolution, and also to share the presentation content, with the live camera view in use. They can be used with a remote controller or a touch-screen control panel.

The user experience during a videoconference is only complete if all the participants in the room can see and hear the remote parties properly and the system is easy to use. To achieve this, the equipment designed for larger rooms will allow us to use multiple cameras and screens along with a separate sound system. In a complex system the aligned operation of the different components also need to be solved, that we resolve by installing a touch-screen control centre.

Our company has 15 years of experience in designing meeting rooms equipped with videoconferencing tools and control technology, according to the unique needs. In addition to the placement and installation of the videoconferencing equipment, our colleagues carry out the education of the system as well as providing operation support upon request. Due to the manufacturer partner connections developed over the years, fast troubleshooting of the occasional faults is also guaranteed.