Video streaming

Streaming technology offers numerous opportunities in the field of corporate communications. While videoconferencing enables interactive (back and forth) communications for a smaller group – mostly with specific tools – one-way streaming technology can reach up to thousands of viewers at the same time with no time and physical limitations.

Typical areas of application for video streaming are conferences, programs, press conferences, lecture broadcasts on the internet, corporate events, leadership communication, trainings, new joiner training sessions or PR communication via the corporate network. It is also possible to broadcast videoconference meetings (non-interactive) for a larger audience with no videoconference-capable device. In addition to presentations, a video-based corporate knowledge base can be built with creating a web-based archive for the video recordings with searchable archives, documents and other related content.

Several manufacturer solutions can be found in our product portfolio that are installed and configured according to the needs of our customers. Thanks to the standard operating tools, multiple vendors’ tools can operate on the same time as part of a complex system.

We provide installation of the essential signal sources for the streaming (cameras/IP cameras, microphone systems and mixers), implementation and realization of its control and sign distribution. We also provide shipping, installing and supporting of professional software and streaming encoders (H. 265 HEVC, etc.) as well as set-up and operation of streaming servers. Upon request, we are able to design, construct and operate a complete streaming infrastructure as well.

Our enterprise solutions include the configuration of a unique lecture recording system with cameras, sound system, controls and the fixing of both the video and presentation channels in the size of a conference room, training room or lecture hall.  It is possible to configure movable, mobile streaming road boxes so the recording and broadcasting do not require a fixed location. Transferring HD cameras or other video sources (like cable television) to displays or Digital Signage screens is also an important use in a modern office environment.