Cloud-based conferencing cervices

The expansion of cloud-based services seems unstoppable in all IT areas. The use of “Software-as-a-Service – SaaS” and “IT-as-a-Service – ItaaS” has become such a trend in the industry that not one IT manager can ignore. It is no different in the field of videoconferencing. Instead of investing in expensive videoconferencing central infrastructure equipment (MCU, ISDN GW, Streaming server, etc.) that require great operational expertise, Streamnet Kft. recommend their own cloud-based services.

StreamNet’s cloud-based services

In the framework of Streamnet VMR cloud-based videoconferencing MCU service, we provide “virtual meeting rooms” (VMR) to our users. These VMR’s are accessible with both physical videoconferencing devices and desktop software videoconferencing endpoints, and support all of the large manufacturers’ devices (Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, etc.…) This service also ensures that if a user does not have a videoconferencing hardware or software tool for the connection, they can connect to the conference from a web browser through the standard interface of WebRTC. This greatly expands the options for videoconferencing outside the company as our partner will only have to obtain a laptop with internet connection, a camera, a sound card and a simple email invitation to be able to participate in the video conference.

In addition, the video conference can be accessed using the corporate Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly MS Lync) client. StreamNet’s VMR system ensures a transparent communication between different systems in the given conference, in terms of picture, sound and content, or even allows Skype’s non-corporate version to join the virtual meeting.

And of course, StreamNet’s VMR service also ensures iOS and Androidbased mobile devices to be able to connect to a conference with a free application or through the WebRTC interface.

When using StreamNet’s VMR service, the user can administrate their own conference room, enable partners to join, invite or ban them using the web-based administrative interface provided with the package.

Additional options for StreamNet’s VMR service

Optionally, StreamNet’s VMR service supports accessing the services of a video conference room via ISDN protocol and it is possible to do a direct call-though between a corporate endpoint and a third-party.

It is also possible to make the current video conference accessible for multiple, even multiple hundred endpoints, stream to the internet, or to the web portal provided by us. In this case these client endpoints can see and hear the conference using a web browser. Then, of course, there is no two-way communication between the parties, but the web portal can optionally provide a chat messaging option for the remote viewers.

It is possible to only use audio conference or teleconference services as well. This service is accessible either by telephone, with dialling a specific Hungarian number, or from the internet with so-called open source clients.


Options for booking video conference rooms

If a given user does not own a videoconference-capable meeting room, StreamNet can provide this service as well. Please request information on our newly renovated meeting rooms, registered by international videoconferencing manufacturers (SN Giraffe Meeting Room – 4 people, and SN Enterprise Meeting Room – 10 people) from our colleagues or website.