Engineering services

Complex technical systems cannot be designed without the expert work of experienced engineers. One of the keys to StreamNet’s success is our well-trained, experienced engineering team. Our company operates as a system integrator on the A/V integration, video conferencing and IT market so our unique solutions designed for the client needs are created with the equipment of leading international manufacturers and customization, upgrade and testing of our own innovative developments.

Our engineering tasks begin with the survey of the customer’s needs. Our presales engineers are responsible for synchronising the client’s vision with the technical possibilities. A customer is not necessarily following the technology trends so in this phase we often draw their attention to the recent changes that might even change their previously established concepts. For example, many customers change their minds about using projectors when considering the price decrease (and size increase) of monitors. The devices needed for the solution must be sized and the functionality synchronised with the budget during the planning period. Planning includes the designing of tracks in the given space, the possible solutions to achieve a cable-free environment, ergonomic aspects and of course the aesthetic sight as well. Upon request, we can prepare a visual plan of the latter.

During construction our engineers test the equipment received, test out configurations, then install and program them on the customer’s site. During the process, smaller or larger demands often arise that we are trying to solve within the possibilities of the devices. Operating and troubleshooting the given system are also major engineering tasks as they not only have to detect the cause of the error quickly but troubleshooting within the deadline is also their responsibility.