Project management

One of the most important sections of a system implementation process is the construction project and its management. We use the best quality and most advanced tools and manufacturing solutions for the design and construction of the sophisticated and complex systems we have implemented. The acquisition of assets and their compliance with technical specifications, optimisation of time and expense of their installation and coordination with the customer require considerable experience. These demands are met by our project managers.

Each meeting and video conference room, auditorium or training room includes complex solutions and their system integration requires complex expertise. Joint, precisely coordinated work of engineers, installation managers, technicians, the local IT team, the customer and the supplier is crucial for the success of the project. This coordination is carried out by the project managers who communicate with all internal and external participants of the project and manage the unique tasks and problems that may arise. They maintain the documentation, forms and reports, and using the existing data and knowledge base, make the project retrievable and analysable for the future.

Our project managers have great expertise in the field of A/V, videoconferencing and IT so they are capable of giving clear answers to the customers regarding the project that is easy to understand without any background knowledge, and they can report the occurring needs to the engineers. Flexibly adapting to the customer’s schedule they free them from the burdensome background work.

After releasing the project, during operation, our service managers assist in managing SLA tasks. They keep in touch with the customer, coordinate the troubleshooting of occurring problems, involving the professionals.