Operation support and SLA

One characteristic of the systems implemented by StreamNet is that they are physically used daily by the users during which, especially in the case of cables, the material inevitably weakens over time. The equipment can gather dust that, at best, only increases the fan noise. To prevent failures and increase lifetime of the equipment it is worth to have the systems maintained by professional personnel from time to time.

Systems installed by StreamNet are entitled to legal warranty for at least a year, which of course can be extended for subsequent years. If the potential gap in the service is a serious problem, we suggest SLA service, which means our colleague will appear on site within the service level agreement (e.g. 4 hours) to fix the problem, with a replacement part or device if needed.

Privileged manufacturer support

As a key distributor and integrator of the market leader manufacturers we can provide an opportunity to be in close cooperation with the manufacturers as well as receive direct product support of their tools and solutions with the various duration support packages.

SLA support

Our SLA services can be customized entirely to the customer’s needs, from the SLA time to the service type and financial options. Our options include flat fee, credit-based or occasional availability and different service levels that can even guarantee a complete solution within a few hours for the occurring system or equipment problems of our customers.

StreamnetHelpdesk is a ticketing tool by which we can assume to forward the incoming problems or failure reports directly to an expert with the shortest time possible, who then can provide support for the troubleshooting of the problem. A big advantage of this is that no long rows of data need to be filled out on the internet, the user can log into the Helpdesk interface using their credentials or get in touch with us over the phone so the detection of the problem can be started right away, shortening the time required to troubleshoot the issue.