Cameras are the primary input devices of video communication. Choosing the right device and its operation have a fundamental effect on the pleasure of the resulting image stream.

Video communication is more and more prevalent in corporate, education and private sectors as well. In a modern conference room a single camera is not sufficient for a meeting with multiple participants. Our camera systems can be adjusted to any room size. We have a solution for both video and web conference purposes. To achieve the required result we use PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras, for video and web conferences alike. These cameras are able to rotate, move up and down, and zoom in and out so we can always set the right perspective. We can cover larger halls or even entire buildings as well. In this case, we use multiple cameras or camera systems. The cameras can be connected in multiple ways, they either have a video output or USB connection. To enhance user experience a pre-set button can be built into the table, even at every seat if needed. With pressing the button the user can simply direct the camera to themselves.

kamera preset

During meetings, conferences or lectures it is a frequent need to show a printed, written document or other object to a larger audience. Document cameras provide a convenient solution to this problem. With them, a live image of the document or object can be displayed on the projector or monitor in the room. The cameras can be installed on the table or be hidden in the ceiling, thus ensuring a clean and modern look to the room.

With combining different camera types and with the expert knowledge of our staff we are able to cover all user needs and create a stable, reliable, complete system.