LED walls

LED walls became the fastest developing display technology thanks to the innovative technological solution in recent years. They not only exceed monitor quality in regards of brightness level but their colour accuracy also represents the supreme category. Their potential uses vary on a wide scale but they are the best solution for sending information to a large crowd, even at outdoor activities, or obtaining impressive, spectacular image.

LED walls have undergone a huge development in the last few years. Today not only their brightness and visibility in direct light is the best among all display technologies but their colour accuracy and number of displayed colours also gives an extremely realistic image. The continuous increase of pixel density makes affordable solutions capable of displaying an ever sharper image.

LED walls are ideal display surfaces for a variety of information and advertisements as they provide a very impressive spectacle. Besides indoor purposes they can also be used outdoors as they can be designed to be weatherproof and their high brightness provides good readability even in direct sunlight. They have a long service time and durability and operate in an energy-saving way.

LED walls can be made in much greater sizes than average displays and are perfect for displaying image and video content for a large audience, therefore, they are recommended to use in stadiums, events and are ideal for communications in public places or large ads. Thanks to the new technology solutions they can also be used as an indoor commercial wall (or video wall) or a monitor, providing an impressive sight.

Our experts can provide the best solution for the customer’s needs and the intended use of the LED wall, taking into account all the external factors that can influence placement and operation of the wall. We can provide all the necessary background work along with the software background to control the LED walls.