Monitors, displays

In recent years a lot has changed in the market of flat monitors: the development of the technology makes it possible to design bigger monitors for a more affordable price, so nowadays, besides meeting rooms and board rooms they are used in so far unused places – corridors, reception areas and even in department stores or on the streets.

The use and size of displays can be very diverse, the smallest (10″-22″) can function as a display for room occupancy, be part of a built-in monitor lifting system or be built into podiums. Middle size displays (32″-48″) can be useful and essential elements of board rooms, collaboration spaces, Digital Signage applications, while large monitors (48″-105″) can be used in conference rooms, monitor walls or videoconferencing systems. As an effect of the changes in recent years, monitors are replacing projectors in meeting rooms as they have no warm-up time, fan noise, there is no need for an expensive canvas, they have a much higher brightness and the elimination of bulb replacement helps reducing operating costs. While the placement of the projectors is not evident and they are not very aesthetic, monitors are getting slimmer and slimmer and can add to the decoration of the room. We also use traditional – ultra slim-edge monitors – for creating video walls. These are built with good price/value ratio monitors and can display one big or multiple smaller images.

Each monitor must meet the following requirements: long operating and lifetime, crystal clear picture and high brightness. They must be prepared for integration purposes, perfectly cooperate with videoconferencing systems, must not tend to burn in and of course be aesthetic with an impressive appearance.

For corporate purposes we recommend the above mentioned professional monitors compared to the commercially available smart TVs. They can also be controlled centrally in a logical and easy way using a control device and the text contents are sharper and easier to read. They can operate without interruption (24/7) or 16 hours a day, as opposed to the 7-8 hours a day recommended for smart TVs, which can lead to warranty loss if exceeded.

Our smallest resolution displays have “FullHD” resolution but we also distribute UHD (4K) resolution or curved panel displays as well.