Projectors used to be the most commonly used display devices but nowadays flat, thin monitors with large screen diameter are gradually forcing them out from smaller halls, however, they are still considered the best solution for displaying visual content to a larger area and the technology of the field is still growing constantly. New generation projectors have a very high brightness so even in low light conditions they can provide excellent visibility, up to multiple 10 sq. meters area.

Projectors can be useful in all areas that aim to display visual content to a large audience, on a big surface that is visible to everyone. They can be used in lecture halls, shows, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, concerts and sporting events.

With projectors the following parameters should be considered: brightness, size of the lens and the maximum available resolution. These properties represent the changes over the last few years that affected professional projectors, as well as the introduction of new technology solutions, such as dual projection mode. In essence, visual content is projected by two aligned projectors at the same time that causes excellent readability and image quality even in low light conditions.

A necessary accessory for projectors is the canvas that provides an anti-glare, solid background for projection. We usually recommend motorized canvas that is only visible when in use, will not gather dust and is aesthetically a more fortunate solution. Since projectors typically require darkening, it is practical to set up automatic shading that is activating at the start of the projection.

To ensure that the projector is not visible when not in use, does not occupy valuable space in the room, is not exposed to injuries from random accidents or dust, we usually build them into the false ceiling. They can be activated any time with an electric elevator.

Our experts are able to integrate the complex control software solution and can provide interior solutions according to the specific customer needs, including auto shading and hiding unused projectors and canvases in the room.