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Although the clientele of professional AV solutions primarily consists of major companies, there is a growing demand in education, public administration and among SMEs, alongside a need for sector-specific solutions in certain verticals, such as retail or tourism and hospitality.



The largest market of Streamnet is the AV systems at the offices of Hungarian and multinational major companies, from office meeting rooms to collaboration spaces to auditoriums. The daily lives of these companies are now unimaginable without state-of-the-art displays, audio and video conferencing systems.



An essential part of digital education is a professional AV system, which includes the digital recording and live transmission (streaming) of the lecturer and the content they present via the Internet. Our systems can follow the lecturer, convey the content of an analogue whiteboard and display the attendees in case of questions. Naturally, thanks to modern technological possibilities, remote viewers can also interact in writing or in real time.


Public administration

The digitalisation of public administration systems offers huge opportunities to increase efficiency and the customer experience at the same time, both in terms of customer relations and communication within public administration. In addition to the special application and security needs of public administration, there is a similar need for meeting and lecture halls that are common at companies.


Retail industry

In terms of in-store solutions, Streamnet primarily offers digital signage systems for this segment. The company’s products, promotions and advertisements can be presented in an extremely attractive and tasteful way on spectacular huge displays, video walls and LED walls. Constantly changing content is not only eye-catching, but also extremely efficient in its use of space. Digital signage systems can be integrated with smart solutions that customize content to the needs of people staying in the store or watching the display.


Hostels and catering industry

The role of digital signage systems is gaining ground in the hospitality industry, for the presentation of food, additional services, current packages and promotions. In the case of hotels, growing event tourism requires the professional design of the usual training and lecture halls in offices.


Sports facilities

The huge projectors and sound systems of stadiums typically use the same audio-visual technology as lecture halls. Providing digital content to guests, whether in their seating place, dining rooms, or possibly in washrooms, is now an integral part of entertainment. Today, even smaller stadiums can create their own image and sound recording solutions and mini-studios that allow for the professional broadcasting of smaller events.

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