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Our services cover the entire life cycle of our solutions, from design through implementation to operational support. We firmly believe that the expertise, experience and professional attitude of our colleagues set us apart from our competitors.

Additionally, we can support customers with our own Hungarian infrastructure for video conferencing and streaming.


System design, consultation

Complex AV systems are unthinkable without thorough planning and consultation. The AV system must closely interact with the other systems: the internal architecture, IT, mechanical engineering, power, physical and IT security, so it is advisable to design them in unison. Our solutions are created based on an understanding of the client’s collaboration culture, technical and aesthetic needs, taking into account their current technological opportunities, industry best practices and project budget.



During the implementation, our engineers and technicians check the received equipment, test the planned configurations, then install and program them at the customer’s sites and check their operation. During this process, we work with the client’s local (and in many cases remote, international) IT / AV professionals to create seamlessly functioning solutions. Our experienced project managers are in continuous contact with the client’s and co-contractors’ professionals to support each other’s work and ensure that project deadlines are met. We usually ensure the launch of major projects with special, even on-site support.


System monitoring and support

Operating a complex AV system is now a task similar to IT systems. In addition to statutory warranty, we can provide a system warranty for the systems delivered by Streamnet, which provides a solution in the event of any failure. It is also possible to extend the warranty, but most of all, we recommend on-time troubleshooting (SLA), through which our colleagues provide troubleshooting before a set deadline even by using backup devices.

Troubleshooting is enabled by our professional digital ticket management system, multi-level service team and rigorous escalation system.

For systems used by users on a daily basis, we recommend a quarterly maintenance service to maximize trouble-free operation and device life.

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Outsourced services

Given the rapid development of AV systems, it is difficult to find up-to-date experts in the labour market. Our customers often require the continuous on-site presence of Streamnet’s experienced colleagues, sometimes every day of the year. With regard to our professional staff of more than 70 people, we also provide this service in the case of leaves or illnesses.


Video conferencing service

Streamnet provides its own cloud-based video conferencing service installed in Hungary, which can be accessed from a browser apart from the devices of traditional manufacturers (Cisco, Poly, etc.). Its advantage over the international cloud services of major manufacturers is that the entire infrastructure is in our own hands, so users are not exposed to overload on international telecommunications lines or in a foreign system.


Streaming service

Streamnet’s partner, Videosquare has the ability to provide streaming services through its own service provider in Hungary and its own self-developed technology, for up to thousands of simultaneous users. We provide full support for the streaming, including recording, uploading to the streaming server and technical support for users. The recording can take place at the customer’s site or on Streamnet’s infrastructure.

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