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About us

For over twenty years, Streamnet Co. Ltd. has been offering high-quality sound and visual technology services to companies looking for modern, user-friendly solutions. Our main profile is the development and installation of the latest technology in company office spaces – meeting rooms, collaboration rooms, conference and training rooms. Our solutions focus on supporting corporate collaboration and effective teamwork. Our primary goal is to achieve the best user experience, so we design and install systems that provide functionality and design best suited to the needs of our customers.


Whether it is a move or a renovation, our company is involved from the planning process to find the most suitable solutions in cooperation with our partners.  In all cases, we install compact, automated, easy-to-use systems, supported by on-demand maintenance or operation services.

In addition to office space services, we also make display and sound systems for commercial and catering units, hotels and sports facilities. Our solutions can be used to display advertisements, important information for customers or even the display of a restaurant’s food and beverage offerings. Our profile is expanding year after year in line with the rapid changes in technology and customer needs.


Our clientele is diverse, representing different areas of the economy, including automotive manufacturing, banking, trade, education and public administration. We are proud to be able to provide unique, personalized solutions for all of our partners. Over the past two decades, our clients have included the largest office projects in Hungary, such as Hungarian Telekom, BP, Roche, major international companies such as TATA, KPMG, Deloitte, Cognizant, Fundamenta, as well as public administration and prominent operators of the higher education and SME sector.  The offices we have implemented have won multiple awards in the Office of the Year competition. Our company is Hungarian-owned and has a team of 70 experts and a turnover of HUF 4 billion.

Almás Béla új

Béla Almás

Chief Executive Officer

After twenty years spent in sales and management positions in IT companies, he joined Streamnet in 2017 and has been the head of the company since early 2018. 

“I consider the dynamic growth of recent years to be a great success, but it is even more important for me to ensure that Streamnet is also one of the best teams of all.”

Miseta Tibor.jpg

Tibor Miseta

Operations Director

After 30 years spent in management and leadership positions in the IT sector, he joined Streamnet in 2012 and built up his economic and administrative team.

“The dynamic development of Streamnet provides exciting challenges for us every day.”

Jakab Rita.jpg

Rita Jakab

HR Consultant

After a number of HR leadership positions in the IT sector, she joined Streamnet in 2018.

“For me, Streamnet is a confluence of professionalism and humanity.”

Lengyel Péter.jpg

Péter Lengyel

Sales Director

After more than 14 years of sales management and leadership experience, he joined the company in 2021 and built up his highly successful team.

“The greatest joy is always exceeding the expectations of our customers.”

Szarvasy Zoltán_.jpg

Zoltán Szarvasy

Technical Director

During 25 years in IT and communications, he has also gained experience in the implementation and operation of complex systems. He joined Streamnet in 2021 with more than 10 years of management experience and has been working as Streamnet's Technical Director since 2023.

"Over the past decades, I have learned that excellent results can be achieved with competent colleagues working as a team towards a common goal."


Quality Assurance

By applying the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality management and environmental management systems, our company ensures that we always perform our activities at the same level and in accordance with the highest professional requirements that can be expected, and with particular attention to our environment.

Streamnet Co. Ltd. does the following in order to operate sustainably and in an environmentally conscious manner:


  • Through the use of the video conferencing systems we sell, unnecessary travel can be avoided, thus significantly reducing our customers’ carbon footprint. Whenever we can, we ourselves use video conferencing for discussions.


  • We are participating in the ‘BAM! Bike to work’ campaign through which we achieve nice results every year. 

  • We have been a proponent of the paperless office for years and when we have to print, we only use environmentally friendly, recycled paper.

  • We selectively collect the waste generated in the office space and also ensure its proper disposal.

  • We take great care to use only the most necessary power sources and always turn off all lights after ourselves.

  • Unused electrical appliances are always de-energized.

We are streamlining our logistics activities and arranging consolidated deliveries.

Our Partners

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