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Hengerlábas tárgyaló asztal


In all cases, Streamnet’s proprietary solutions are inspired by unique client needs not found in the service range of major manufacturers, combining design, technology, function and many years of experience. Our solutions can be well customized, and in many cases, it is possible to implement individual designs.


When designing our tables, the primary goal is to see the display from all seating positions, to remove cables, to hide the desktop connector, monitor jack, wireless charger or technology. Our tables are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes, even in individual designs.


An essential accessory for conference and lecture halls is an elegant pulpit featuring the company logo, which is suitable for holding the speaker’s notebook and hiding cables and room controls.

Desktop connectors

The purpose of desktop connectors is to make connecting cables easily accessible, without visually impairing the room. The solution we propose for this is a junction box with an opening lid that fits into the table, through which we drop unused cables with the force of gravity.


When it is not possible to mount displays on the wall or mobility is required, we use stands. In addition to their aesthetic appearance and required functionality, stands can also ensure the safe placement of room equipment.


A clean-cut information terminal that can communicate information to users in an interactive way. Its colour and shape can be individually designed according to the customer’s needs.  It is available with a touchscreen or a traditional display, where the latter can be controlled with the help of a keyboard and mouse. It is the perfect solution to complement waiting rooms, receptions and other common areas.


In addition to video conferencing, video streaming is the most effective form of video-based communication. This is typically relevant in case of a large audience.  The advantage is that viewers can enjoy the presentation in a much better quality than video conferences.

Videosquare is a partner company of Streamnet, our self-owned internally-developed Hungarian video portal that provides live, web-based transmission and storage of trainings, corporate communication and events in a secure, simple and user-friendly way.

Our clients include the biggest Hungarian companies, event and conference organizers, institutions of higher education training and instructional companies.

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